mineral sun protection for outdoor sports

It’s On zinc paste water resistent, mineral UV protection for your skin

mineral sun protection made in Austria

Zinc oxide is a mineral UV filter and protects your skin from sunburn. We do not use nanoparticles, on the one hand to rule out any possible risk to health and the environment, on the other hand because we think that a little zinc on the face makes the world a lot more colorful. 

It’s On zinc is manufactured in Austria according to certified processes and the highest quality standards. The result is a fine paste with very good spreadability and excellent hold on the skin.


Mountaineering, Downhill,
Paragliding, Climbing,
Mountainbiking, Skiing,
Snowboarding, Hiking...

No matter how you
enjoy the mountainst!

IT's On

Beachvolleyball, Crossgolf,
Jogging, Juggling, Longboarding,
Flunkyball, Frisbeeing, Horseriding,
Skateboarding, Slacklineing...

No matter
which sports you love!


Kitesurfing, Cliff jumping,
Rafting, Swimming, Sailing, SUP,
Diving, Wakeboarding,
Windsurfing, Surfing...

No matter how you
enjoy the water!


zinc paste - an overview

Mineral sun protection covers the skin and reduces the penetration of harmful UV radiation.

Zinc paste does not absorb, it has to be applied as a covering layer and thus ensures reliable sun protection

Zinc oxide is white, for a more subtle shade we add a little earthy pigment

Oils, waxes and butter ensure the suppleness of our zinc paste

In the shade again, the paste can be removed or simply left on the skin

Beeswax is the second main component of our paste and ensures that it adheres well to the skin

Together, the ingredients result in a pleasant, natural fragrance with a slight wax note

Regardless of whether it is natural white or colored, zinc paste covers the skin, can stick to hair and eyebrows and does not simply disappear by itself. It is therefore less comfortable than sunscreen that is invisibly absorbed into the skin.

Why still use zinc paste?

Zink Sonnenschutz, Zinkpaste, mineralischer Sonnenschutz

For the sake of your health

Many sunscreens use organic UV filters like oxybenzone or octinoxate. However, these substances are controversial because of their potential risks to human health.

Zink Sonnenschutz, Zinkpaste, mineralischer Sonnenschutz

For the sake of our nature

In addition, oxybenzone and octinoxate are also problematic due to their possible negative impact on the environment.

Zink Sonnenschutz, Zinkpaste, mineralischer Sonnenschutz

For the sake of your skin

Our natural ingredients give the skin moisture and support wound healing. By using It's On, your skin is protected and cared for at the same time.

It's On Zink Sonnenschutz It's On zinc sun protection It's On protección solar de zinc

within a wide
UV range.

the healing
of the skin.

do not penetrate
the skin.

Water resistent
long lasting.

and reef