It's On zinc sun protection - athletes we're supporting

We are passionate surfers and athletes ourselves and have developed It’s On Zinc, a reliable and particularly skin-caring sun protection that we always have with us. We are very proud that we are now able to support these passionate and inspiring athletes with our 100% natural zinc sun protection.

When it’s on: It’s On! We take care of the sun protection so they can fully focus on their passion.

Amelie Fuchs
German Wakeskate National Team

Three-times German champion 
European Championship 2021 – 3. Place
European Championship 2022 – 4. Place
World Championship 2022 – 5. Place

IG: @ameliefuchs__

Eddie Waring
Pembrokshire Charger

Together with  Outer Reef we’re supporting Eddie to take his surfing to the next level.

IG: @eddiewaring

Kristof Göbel
German Longboard National Team

High Performance Surfcoach

IG: @kris.gbl

Leandre Deryckere
Traveller / Surfer / Surfcoach

We support Leandre on his cycling and surfing trip along the African coast.

IG: @leandre_deryckere

Mara Salmina
Snowboarding / Surfing / Wakeboarding

Mara is a natural and on a board she’s in in her element.

IG: @xhappygirlx

Miguel “Miguelito” Ángel Sampalo Bishop
Two-time Spanish Longboard champion

Technical Assistant of the Spanish national longboard team
Two-time Spanish champion
adapive surfing
European adaptive surfing championships 2nd place

IG: @sanmiguelitodora
IG: @mssurfcoach

Team Morvoren
J24 sailing

Team Morvoren is making waves for sustainability and gender equity in the world of sailing. They are a women’s J24 keelboat racing team based in the southwest UK currently en route to the 2024 and 2025 J24 World Championships.

IG: @teammorvoren