Shipping information

Suenyo ships from Austria and uses the postal service. We will send your order within three working days.

Shipping destinations
Suenyo ships to the whole of the EU, Switzerland, UK and the USA. If you want to order in other countries than these, please contact us. We will then check whether we can send to your desired country.

Our shipping costs (packaging and shipping) vary depending on the destination:

  • Austria: 4 €
  • Other EU countries: 6 €
  • Switzerland: 6 €
  • UK: 6 €
  • USA: 10 €

With an order value of at least 25 €, we ship free of charge throughout the EU as well as to Switzerland and the UK. With an order value of at least 50 €, we ship free of charge to the USA.

Shipping time
For shipments within Austria, the Post gives a delivery time of one working day. This duration increases for deliveries abroad. The further away you are from Austria, the longer the delivery will take. The delivery time is not influenced by the Suenyo.