The Surfcoach – It’s On edition


The Surfcoach. Surfen lehren und lernen. Beginner und Intermediate.
Paperback, 174 pages, language: German – It’s On Edition 2023.



The Surfcoach. Surfen lehren und lernen. Beginner und Intermediate. It’s On Edition 2023.

Author: Dr. Michael Lippstreu
Language: German
Paperback: 174 pages

About the book:
Knowledge is one of those rare treasures that increases when shared. The surfcoach is a treasure chest full of knowledge, practical tips and experience from the world of surfing. In the book, there are no purely decorative images of perfect waves; instead, the surf coach focuses on the challenges that surfers have to overcome from the very beginning to riding green waves. The aim is to contribute to good surfing lessons and to support learning to surf. This specialist book is aimed both at all surfers who set out to discover the rainbows behind the breaking waves, and at the surf instructors who support them in doing so.
The surfcoach should support learners in preparing for or following up on lessons and, for example, in moving confidently in the water again even after a long break. The book covers all elements of lessons for surfing beginners and intermediates. In the methods section, teachers will also find extensive tips for designing their lessons as well as practical tips for dealing with specific challenges that are part of their everyday life. A central element is the justification of decisions. The surfcoach not only describes a possible path from the white water to the line up, but also explains at central points why a certain approach seems reasonable. The goal is not superficial knowledge, but profound understanding and reflection. Therefore, the book always reflects on which alternatives are conceivable.

About the author:
Michael Lippstreu studied teaching, worked as a teacher in Germany, offered didactic lectures at universities in Heidelberg, Ludwigsburg and Berlin and, as a specialist seminar leader, trained prospective teachers in the preparatory service. He is also a snowboard, surfing and yoga instructor. He is active as an instructor and in the training committee for the German Surfing Association (DWV) and has worked for many years as a surf instructor and head coach in surf camps on the Canary Islands, Portugal and Sri Lanka.